Fixed-fee recruitment from experts.

Recruitment can be difficult, especially in the current climate. A shortage of skilled talent is just one thing employers are dealing with. As recruitment experts, we can help with candidate attraction – getting good people to apply for your vacancies, and recruitment management – ensuring that your hiring process runs smoothly and you hire right! Getting it wrong can be disastrous, both costly and bad for company morale.

Company Branded

Job seekers want to know about you! Run a hiring process that showcases your company.

Save Time

We'll become your talent outsource during the recruitment process. How much time will this save you!

Save Money

Our services cost a fraction if what you would pay a recruitment consultant and we'll do a much better job.

Welcome to the Recruitment Rebellion!

Recruitment Rebellion is the result of everything we have learnt in our 30-year recruitment careers. It’s a business that was conceived and modelled over a cup of coffee and then honed and refined over a two-year period. What we have today is a solution that gets results whilst, at the same time, is cost-effective. It’s a solution that is perfectly suited to the current hiring climate. Vacancies are plentiful and job seekers are scarce but, despite this, we can show you a way to find the people you need for your business so you can continue to grow your business.


Job searches that start with a Google search.


Satisfied companies that we have worked with.

No dedicated talent department, no problem. We'll do it for you.

Start your journey to recruitment success today!




"Digital hiring, AI driven recruitment, tech driven HR processes. These are all great tools when it comes to hiring staff but you can't beat proper human contact. That's where we come in."


The recruiters

When your are hiring you want someone who is experienced and independent on your side. Because we don’t work on commission you’ll only get advice that is in your best interests.

Simon Benstead

My goal is to make recruitment a great experience for any company who goes through the hiring process. I firmly believe that I can offer a market-beating range of services to the clients I work with.

I have spent my whole career in recruitment, and the way I have worked has moved with the times. Online has significantly changed the way companies hire, and it still has a long way to go. I’m excited to be at the forefront of hiring technology solutions using AI and video to select applicants and harnessing the power of job boards and social media to attract them.

Richard Bailey

In a highly competitive staffing market, my mission is:

To make the recruitment process easier, faster and better value for my clients. 

To help my clients maximise their talent attraction potential and enhance their corporate brand through the intelligent use of sophisticated advertising, utilising my networks, advanced technology and tried and tested recruitment processes.

To consistently outperform the competition by meeting my clients’ primary objectives and outcomes.


What They Say ?

You can’t underestimate 25 years of recruitment experience, and sharing our expertise plays a massive part in Recruitment Rebellion.
Tim Scorer

I can highly recommend this service and will certainly be using them again for any future recruitment needs. Simon has been extremely helpful throughout and made the entire recruitment process simple and straightforward, saving us time and money. Five stars.

Sheila Parmenter

I’m delighted to say that we actually ended up offering positions to two of the applicants!
Very impressed with the service and the ease of use of the database.

Giles Warren

I have been speaking to everyone about this fixed fee basis and I really think it's the future of recruitment. It has saved me money and has had a great outcome.

Heidi Chaney

I have been very impressed with your services and will definitely be recommending your company to others. Again, thank you for all your assistance in making this recruitment a bearable task.