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About Us

Recruitment Rebellion is run by two people who have spent their whole careers in recruitment.  By far, most of the work we have done has been with small to medium sized businesses and we understand them well. Our typical client will not have the luxury of a HR team and often find themselves on their own when it comes to hiring. We work with MDs and senior managers who choose how much they want to be involved in the process. Some just need pointing in the right direction and they can take it from there, others want to pass everything over to us to deal with. We’re happy either way!

Who We Are

Recruitment Rebellion is different. It’s the result of a lot of hard work, and we’re pretty pleased with it.

We’ve spent our whole careers in recruitment and bring to our clients a wealth of experience to meet their needs. We have always tried to do things differently, looking at optimising the recruitment solutions we offer. 

We pioneered ‘pay as you go’ fees and now we’re disrupting the traditional agency recruitment model which is outdated and badly in need of change. 

We spent the best part of 2020-2022 honing this new offering with our existing clients. Not only do we know it works; it achieves the desired results and more which our clients have all been delighted with. We’re ready to launch this new service and support other companies looking for that next hire.

You can’t underestimate 25 years of recruitment experience, and sharing our expertise plays a massive part in Recruitment Rebellion. 

Find out more. Ask us any question you want. Pretty sure we'll know the answer.

The Benefits

Finding the right person for your vacancy can be a job in itself. It’s massively important to get it right and the problems caused by getting wrong aren’t worth thinking about. Follow the tried and tested steps we take that ensure the companies we work with achieve hiring success without it costing them a fortune or taking up loads of their time.

Find talent

Many industries are struggling to find staff and we can’t magic people out of thin air. We can, however, use everything we’ve leant in the last 25 years to to help you find good people for your company.

Engage talent

Getting a whole bunch of CVs is one thing, knowing what to do with them is another. We know the hiring process and what works to keep candidates engaged right through to the end.